Welcome to my blog site where I share my experiences with God! I am excited about my life in Christ and everything He has for me.

Yes, I am a Christian woman so my posts will be from a Christian (Biblical) perspective. If you are not a Christian you are still more than welcome to like, comment, subscribe, and follow me. I only ask that you be respectful.

I will introduce myself. I’m Angel, originally from Atlantic City New Jersey. However, I was raised in Florida so I’m a Florida chick with some Jersey tendencies. 😁

I joined the military at age 19 and I’ve been serving ever since. I’m proud to serve my country.

I’m currently 31, single without children. No I don’t hate singleness but I don’t love it either. Some days I don’t like it, some days I like it, and most of the time I don’t think about it. Life is busy. I have a healthy desire for a Godly marriage relationship and in due season that will happen. The greatest way I can explain how I feel about this is my love and passion for Christ is greater than any dislike I may have toward singleness.

I’m super Aunt to my nieces and nephews, super friend to all those I call friend (very few), super sister to my sister and god sisters, and loving to all my family members. My friends become family.

What I want to see happen with this site is people encouraged to see God in everything. I believe sometimes we limit God to certain areas of our lives. We think that God is concerned about only major things but really He is concerned about everything! Sometimes we want Him to take care one issue while we hold on to deeper heart issues. The other thing I want to see is people encouraged to pursue RELATIONSHIP with Christ. Growing up in church from age 6, I knew all the “rules” but I didn’t learn about relationship with Him 👆🏾 until my mid 20’s. (Shoutout to the Word that came forth at Faith Mission). That changed the game for me. 😎

I hope you like, comment, share and that you’re inspired!

Be encouraged!

-Angel 😇




Author: angelbishop86

A woman of God who likes to share the lessons learned! I look forward to the great things God has for me. Warning (lovingly): This blog is from a Christian perspective.

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