How Old Are You?

Awwww, they’re so cute! πŸ‘‡πŸΎπŸ‘‡πŸΎ


So I have this lovely two year old niece! She is brave, she is smart, extremely courageous. She is the one who is not afraid to push the limits. On memorial weekend my sister and I gathered her girls up ( she has two) to go to the pool. She has a lovely 7 year old as well whom I adore. Now on this day at the pool my two year old niece decided to push her sister away while in the pool because she wanted to swim on her own. However, she has no idea how deep the water is and she also has no idea how to swim. She has never taken any swimming lessons but she does know that she loves to swim/play in the pool water. So we panicked because at this point her older sister is screaming her name, my sister is screaming my name and I’m running to the water looking at my two year old niece underneath struggling to get up. Of course, God kept her and we saved her from drowning but can you imagine how scary that was for all of us?
I mean to watch this little person we love so much with so much to learn, drown all because she wanted to swim in waters she wasn’t trained to swim in quite yet.


So two days later, that Monday was Memorial Day. We celebrated by going to a nice beach and barbecuing by the waters. We were near some huge rocks and water. She sees the ocean water and she says “oh look tee tee can we go in there?” I explain to her that she is too small and the water is too deep for her.
I watched over her to ensure she wouldn’t jump in. Trust me, she tried. Every time she looked like she was interested/tempted to jump in the water I would call her name to come close to me or I would run behind her to redirect her to safety. It was then that I realized she just wanted to swim. I prompted her and her sister to change into their bathing suits so that I could take them to the other side where the beach water was shallow enough for them to play in. Once dressed I took them over to the shallow waters and watched her and sister having so much fun. I thoroughly enjoyed watching her play in waters she could actually sit down and swim in. I stood and watched her to make sure she didn’t go to far.

Let me ask you…. are you spiritually 2 years of age trying to swim in waters that was meant for someone that is spiritually 30 years old? Some of us have awesome gifts, talents and I believe that God even has a plan to use us and allow us to go forth in due season but jumping ahead into a ministry at the wrong time will cause you to drown. You could drown spiritually. Swim in the waters that a 2 year old can swim in until God teaches, trains and equips you to swim in deeper waters. Maybe that’s a promotion at your job. Your asking for a promotion but God sees some of the training that you haven’t even taken yet. And He knows your age πŸ˜ƒπŸΌ

When I got joy out of seeing my niece swim in the beach water she could handle, I realized that it’s not that He doesn’t want us to enjoy the things we like to do but maybe you need to just get your feet wet first before you jump all the way in. And also there are waters that you want to swim in that may be too deep. Let God lead and direct you. I think about how many times I blocked her from jumping in the deep ocean water simply out of my love for her. I could see the danger of her jumping in water that was way too deep. She could only see the surface.
God is the same way with us.
He will go to great lengths to protect His loved ones!

Now understand this, I am not telling you to be afraid for God has not given us the spirit of fear but Power, Love ❀️ and a Sound mind (2 Tim. 1:7). However I am telling you to be aware of the closed doors and when you notice them just picture a loving mother or an overprotective auntie blocking you from the dangers of drowning in waters that are too deep for you to swim in at the moment. Picture a loving parent redirecting you to something beautiful and something you can handle. And just be encouraged that your training will take place. There will be a time when you’ll be capable of swimming in deeper waters without even a thought of the water overtaking you.

-the auntie who once tried to jump in waters too deep as well. 🌊 But God protected me!
#enjoyyourrelationshipwithGod #enjoybeingatoddler #enjoybeingateenager
I’m just hashtagging at this point. πŸ˜‚
Much love to those who took the time to read this!
May it bless you like it blessed me!

Author: angelbishop86

A woman of God who likes to share the lessons learned! I look forward to the great things God has for me. Warning (lovingly): This blog is from a Christian perspective.

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